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Cottages in Bakuriani

Bakuriani is a picturesque ski resort in Georgia, situated on the slopes of the Lesser Caucasus at an altitude of around 1700 meters above sea level. Known for its mineral springs, clean mountain air, and abundant sunshine, Bakuriani has been popular since Soviet times when it served as both a resort and a venue for sporting events.

Bakuriani’s appeal as a tourist destination is undeniable. It boasts stunning landscapes, diverse slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, and well-developed infrastructure, making it an ideal winter vacation spot. In summer, the resort is equally attractive with its fresh mountain air, rich flora and fauna, and opportunities for outdoor activities.

The real estate market in Bakuriani is steadily growing, attracting investors and private buyers. Accommodation options range from cozy apartments to spacious cottages and private houses. Investing in Bakuriani real estate offers not only the chance to own a piece of one of Georgia’s most beautiful places but also the potential for rental income.

How to choose a cottage in Bakuriani?

Choosing a cottage in Bakuriani requires careful consideration of several key factors. First, determine your purchase purpose: are you looking for a cozy retreat for family vacations or considering it as an investment for rental purposes? This will help you narrow down your search and focus on properties that meet your needs. Consider the cottage’s location relative to ski lifts and main resort infrastructure, ease of access, and the amenities available within the cottage.

Pay attention to the legal aspects and the condition of the property. Check all ownership documents and ensure there are no encumbrances or outstanding utility debts. It’s also important to conduct a thorough inspection of the cottage, preferably with a qualified building expert who can assess the technical condition and identify any potential issues.

To simplify your search for a cottage in Bakuriani, use The website provides detailed descriptions, photos, specifications, and prices of available cottages, making the search process easier. also allows you to compare properties on an interactive map and provides information about local developers, ensuring a comfortable and transparent selection process.

Advantages of buying a cottage from a developer

  • New property: One of the main benefits of buying a cottage from a developer is being the first owner of a brand-new home with modern utilities and equipment.
  • Warranties and security: Developers usually provide warranties on construction, giving you extra peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of the property. If any construction defects are found within the warranty period, the developer is obligated to fix them.
  • Customization options: When purchasing during the construction phase, developers often allow buyers to choose finishing materials, colors, and even layout options, enabling you to personalize your home.
  • Flexible payment terms: Developers often offer flexible payment terms, including installment plans, individual discounts, and special promotions to attract buyers.
  • Internal infrastructure: Modern developers include various amenities in their cottage towns or complexes, such as supermarkets and swimming pools, enhancing the living experience.
  • Investment potential: New cottage complexes in Bakuriani have a high potential for value appreciation, making them a profitable investment.

Installment plans vs. Mortgages for buying a cottage in Bakuriani: which to choose?

When considering how to purchase a cottage in Bakuriani, buyers often choose between installment plans and mortgages. An installment plan is an agreement with the developer to pay for the property in stages over a set period, usually without interest. This option can be attractive for buyers who do not want to pay extra for borrowed funds and for those who wish to avoid strict bank credit checks.

A mortgage from a bank requires the buyer to repay the loan with interest over a set period. Mortgages can offer greater flexibility regarding loan amounts and repayment periods but come with additional costs in the form of interest and the need for a more stringent credit check.

The choice between an installment plan and a mortgage depends on the buyer’s financial situation, credit history, and ability to meet bank requirements. An installment plan from the developer can offer a lower overall cost due to the absence of interest but often requires a larger down payment. A mortgage, on the other hand, offers more financial flexibility and allows you to purchase property with a smaller down payment, though the total cost may be higher due to interest. It's essential to carefully assess your long-term financial plans and capabilities before making a decision, considering both current and future financial obligations.

How to maximize the benefits of buying a cottage?

  1. Research the market: Thoroughly analyze the real estate market in Bakuriani, including current prices, trends, and available properties. Explore different areas of the resort to find the perfect location with growth potential.
  2. Choose the right time to buy: Real estate prices can vary depending on the season and economic conditions. Keep an eye on the market to determine the best time to make your purchase.
  3. Consider rental opportunities: Assess the potential for renting out your cottage. A cottage in a popular tourist destination can generate significant income from short-term rentals, helping to cover maintenance costs and boost your investment returns.
  4. Invest in quality renovations: High-quality finishes and well-thought-out design can significantly increase the rental value and appeal of your cottage to both renters and future buyers.
  5. Think long-term: Consider the future development of Bakuriani and local government plans for infrastructure improvements. This can enhance the long-term value and attractiveness of your property.

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Prices for cottage communities in localities near Bakuriani

Borjomifrom ‍2 522 ₾ / m2
Mtskhetafrom ‍2 398 ₾ / m2
Tsavkisifrom ‍3 292 ₾ / m2
Saguramofrom ‍2 637 ₾ / m2
Tbilisifrom ‍3 912 ₾ / m2
Gudaurifrom ‍3 222 ₾ / m2
Kobuletifrom ‍3 256 ₾ / m2
Shekvetilifrom ‍3 514 ₾ / m2
Chakvifrom ‍4 663 ₾ / m2
Makhinjaurifrom ‍3 979 ₾ / m2
Batumifrom ‍3 990 ₾ / m2
Charnalifrom ‍2 662 ₾ / m2
Telavifrom ‍2 920 ₾ / m2
Goniofrom ‍5 689 ₾ / m2

Prices for houses in localities near Bakuriani

Tsavkisifrom ‍870 166 ₾
Saguramofrom ‍117 703 ₾
Tbilisifrom ‍193 370 ₾
Gudaurifrom ‍146 639 ₾
Kobuletifrom ‍302 666 ₾
Shekvetilifrom ‍262 311 ₾
Chakvifrom ‍840 741 ₾
Makhinjaurifrom ‍678 982 ₾
Batumifrom ‍302 666 ₾
Charnalifrom ‍508 508 ₾
Telavifrom ‍826 728 ₾
Goniofrom ‍645 462 ₾