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Townhouses in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of Georgia's most vibrant and colorful cities, offering a unique blend of historical heritage and modern living. The city attracts visitors with its unique atmosphere, picturesque old town streets, and bustling nightlife. Tbilisi is also known for its hospitality, diverse culinary delights, and warm climate. Life here perfectly balances tranquility and activity, allowing residents to enjoy both quiet parks and green spaces, as well as a wide range of entertainment and events.

From an investment perspective, Tbilisi presents an attractive real estate market due to stable economic growth, moderate prices, and high potential for property value appreciation. Investors and buyers interested in acquiring property find a variety of opportunities in Tbilisi, from historic homes in the old town to modern apartments in new residential complexes. Purchasing property here not only provides the owner with a place to live or vacation in one of the world's most charming cities but also represents a profitable investment.

Townhouses in Tbilisi are a particularly appealing market segment for those seeking the comfort of living in a private home with the advantages of urban infrastructure. These properties often offer spacious living areas, private yards or gardens, and access to shared amenities such as parking, playgrounds, and secure grounds. By purchasing a townhouse in Tbilisi, owners get the best of both worlds: the privacy of a standalone home combined with the convenience and security of a gated community.

Comparing townhouses, cottages, and apartments

Space and layoutMulti-level, with several bedrooms and common areasOne- or two-story homes with spacious roomsVaries from studios to multi-room units, usually single-level
PlotSmall adjoining plot or gardenLarge plot of land, often with a gardenNo personal land, but may have balconies or terraces
PrivacyMore privacy than apartments, less than standalone cottagesMaximum privacy as standalone homesLimited privacy due to shared walls and close neighbors
Amenities and infrastructureOften part of complexes with shared amenitiesIndividual, may be far from city infrastructureAccess to city infrastructure and complex amenities
Cost and maintenanceModerate cost, some maintenanceHigh purchase and maintenance cost, including land upkeepRelatively low purchase and maintenance cost
Investment potentialGood balance between cost and rental appealHigh capital growth potential, requires significant investmentHigh rental demand, especially in city centers, high liquidity

Townhouses in Tbilisi: tips for choosing a location

  1. Research the area: Thoroughly explore Tbilisi's neighborhoods to find the one that best suits your cultural and lifestyle preferences. The capital offers both quiet suburbs and a lively city center.
  2. Evaluate accessibility to amenities: Consider how easy it is to reach shops, schools, medical facilities, parks, and other important infrastructure from your chosen neighborhood.
  3. Consider transportation options: Assess the transportation links, including access to main roads and public transport. Good transportation accessibility can save you time and make daily life more convenient.
  4. Check the environment: Ensure there are no harmful industries nearby. It's preferable if the windows don't face major highways and if there are green spaces, squares, and parks nearby.
  5. Look into future development: Find out about any development plans for the area where the townhouse is located. New parks, shopping centers, schools, or transportation projects can significantly increase your property's value in the future.
  6. Use The website offers convenient search tools on an interactive city map, helping you choose a townhouse in the right neighborhood. provides useful filters to find housing based on cost, number of rooms, and year of construction, and allows you to select a district or metro station near which you'd like to buy a townhouse. You can easily compare prices, study property and neighborhood characteristics, learn more about Tbilisi developers, and choose the best purchasing option.

Buying a townhouse in the primary or secondary market in Tbilisi: which to choose?

One of the key decisions when buying a townhouse in Tbilisi is choosing between the primary or secondary markets. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a townhouse in the primary market means purchasing directly from the developer, sometimes even during construction. The main advantage here is the opportunity to choose a home that best suits your preferences for location, layout, and design. Additionally, new properties often feature modern technologies and materials.

On the other hand, purchasing a townhouse in the secondary market means buying from the current owner. This option can be attractive due to the possibility of immediate move-in. Moreover, properties in the secondary market are often located in established neighborhoods with developed infrastructure. Buyers can personally assess the quality of construction and the condition of the townhouse before purchase.

When choosing between the primary and secondary markets, consider the potential drawbacks. In the primary market, there is a risk of delays in the completion date and possible changes in the project, which can affect the final result. In the secondary market, buyers may need additional financing for repairs or upgrades to the purchased property.

How to avoid common mistakes when buying a townhouse?

  • Insufficient research: Thoroughly investigate the neighborhood where the townhouse is located, including available amenities, infrastructure, transportation options, and future development plans.
  • Neglecting legal checks: Before purchasing, make sure to conduct a complete legal review of the property documents to ensure there are no legal issues, encumbrances, or unpaid taxes.
  • Incorrect budget assessment: Realistically assess your budget, taking into account not only the cost of the townhouse but also additional expenses such as taxes, fees, insurance, and potential repair costs.
  • Ignoring future prospects: Consider not only the current condition and amenities of the townhouse but also its potential for value growth. Evaluate the future development of the area and possible increases in demand, which can enhance the investment appeal of your purchase.
  • Skipping the property inspection: A personal inspection of the property before buying allows you to better assess the condition of the townhouse, the quality of materials, noise levels in the area, and other important factors that are difficult to evaluate remotely.
  • Disregarding long-term needs: Think about both your current and future family needs to ensure that your new home remains suitable and comfortable in the long run.

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House prices in Tbilisi areas

Mtatsmindafrom ‍189 146 ₾
Vakefrom ‍431 063 ₾
Krtsanisifrom ‍364 381 ₾
Saburtalofrom ‍618 839 ₾

Prices for cottage communities in other cities

Tsavkisifrom ‍3 059 ₾ / m2
Saguramofrom ‍2 401 ₾ / m2
Telavifrom ‍2 856 ₾ / m2
Gudaurifrom ‍3 152 ₾ / m2
Bakurianifrom ‍2 990 ₾ / m2
Kobuletifrom ‍3 645 ₾ / m2
Shekvetilifrom ‍3 294 ₾ / m2
Chakvifrom ‍4 470 ₾ / m2
Makhinjaurifrom ‍3 892 ₾ / m2
Batumifrom ‍3 972 ₾ / m2
Charnalifrom ‍2 576 ₾ / m2
Goniofrom ‍5 309 ₾ / m2

House prices in other cities

Tsavkisifrom ‍851 161 ₾
Saguramofrom ‍115 132 ₾
Telavifrom ‍808 671 ₾
Gudaurifrom ‍143 436 ₾
Bakurianifrom ‍149 563 ₾
Kobuletifrom ‍296 056 ₾
Shekvetilifrom ‍256 581 ₾
Chakvifrom ‍822 378 ₾
Makhinjaurifrom ‍664 152 ₾
Batumifrom ‍296 056 ₾
Charnalifrom ‍492 165 ₾
Goniofrom ‍655 492 ₾