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For Developers

Placing a project on the Korter website and mobile apps

Launching a new project and want to inform potential buyers about it? Right now, feature your project information on Korter. Listing on Korter's catalog of buildings or cottages is free. Provide us with project details and your contact information, so our content team can reach out to you to clarify the details.

Updating outdated project information

If changes are on the horizon and you want to update project information on Korter promptly, write to your manager or contact us through the form. Our content team will prepare and make updates on time.

Advertising opportunities and lead generation

Marketers and sales representatives often approach us with a request to quickly increase the number of leads and sales. According to our statistics, buyers typically take about 6 months to choose a property. Therefore, achieving quick results in promotion is often impossible. Seeing your project right now, a buyer, on average, will only come to a transaction about 6 months later.
Our team works at all stages of the project's life, offering the best solutions in the context of both project and developer brand promotion. Even if you don't want to start advertising right now, get in touch with us – our managers will provide you with a lot of useful information.
We offer promotion services both on our platform and on external sources.
For Real Estate Agencies

Placing properties on Korter

Your realtors or employees can list properties on the Korter website and mobile apps through their accounts. We also provide the option for automatic import of properties from your website or CRM system (in XML or JSON format). Setting up such integration may require assistance from a technical specialist responsible for your website or CRM system.

Advertising opportunities and promoting properties

Currently, we do not offer services for promoting individual properties. We will inform all current partners in advance if such services become available.