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Why is it worth investing in Georgia?

Main advantages
Help from consultants
Main advantages
High-profit margins and a short payback period are two of the main factors that have caused the high interest of real estate investors from all over the world. After purchase, the apartments are sold at a higher price, used for private use, or rented out to tourists.
But to fully understand the Georgian real estate market, it is necessary to go over all the factors involved in buying a new apartment on the Black Sea shore or the very center of Tbilisi.
Help from our consultants
We are constantly analyzing and assessing new projects, with currently more than 350 projects in our portfolio. We can confidently say that our clients receive the most up-to-date information about the available real estate on the Georgian market.
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client priorities
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other matters
We have helped more than 3.000 clients choose a property. But most importantly, we have won their trust and set a goal for more foreign clients to get to know us and our country.
Lela Dzudzushvili
Korter Real Estate Consultant
«My experience in choosing real estate will help you to not only find the best option, but also feel more relaxed and more confident in this difficult process»