Alisperi Aprebi

Alisperi Aprebi

Active since 2017
from ‍2 074 ₾ / m2

Alisperi Aprebi's building projects  2 objects on sale

Your home on Ninua
from ‍2 463 ₾ / m2
Сompletion: 2023, 3 quarter
Tbilisi, 3 Vakhtang Ninua Street
Your home on Ninua 2
from ‍2 074 ₾ / m2
Сompletion: 2025, 3 quarter
Tbilisi, 3 Vakhtang Ninua Street

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Lela Dzudzushvili
Korter Real Estate Consultant
«My experience in choosing real estate will help you to not only find the best option, but also feel more relaxed and more confident in this difficult process»
Our consultant knows everything about this developer and their projects: from the availability of important documents to the exact prices
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Develops projects in Tbilisi
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Projects with sold apartments  2 objects

Your home in Didube
Completed in 2018, 4 quarter
Tbilisi, 10 Spiridon Kedia Street (blocks 1-5)
Tbilisi, 10a Spiridon Kedia Street
Completed in 2019, 4 quarter