Active since 2006
from ‍2 195 ₾ / m2

m²'s building projects  5 objects on sale

m³ Saburtalo
from ‍3 006 ₾ / m2
 $1 135
Сompletion: 2025, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 28 Marshal Archil Gelovani Avenue
m² at Mirtskhulava
from ‍2 235 ₾ / m2
Сompletion: 2025, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 9-11 A. Mirtskhulava Street
m² at Chkondideli
from ‍2 195 ₾ / m2
Сompletion: 2025, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 22 Chkondideli Street
m² at Nutsubidze 2
from ‍3 109 ₾ / m2
 $1 174
Сompletion: 2024, 2 quarter
Tbilisi, 125a Shalva Nutsubidze Street
m² Highlight
from ‍3 106 ₾ / m2
 $1 173
Сompletion: 2026, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 7 Akaki Bakradze St

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Develops projects in Tbilisi

Projects with sold apartments  11 objects

m² Hippodrome
Completed in 2014
Tbilisi, 8 Givi Kartozia Street
Skyline Residence
Tbilisi, 3, Maro Makashvili Dead End
m² at Melikishvili
Tbilisi, 10 Melikishvili Street
m² Hippodrome 2
Completed in 2014, 4 quarter
Tbilisi, 1 Givi Kartozia Street
m² Kazbegi
Completed in 2016, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 25 Alexander Kazbegi Avenue
m² Chubinashvili
Tbilisi, 68 Chubinashvili Street

About the developer m²

Terrassa Group is a modern real estate development company that entered the market with clearly defined goals. Among them are high-quality housing construction with a progressive design and energy-efficient features. Particular emphasis is placed on the combination of quality and comfort, as well as creating a healthy living environment.

Green Architecture by the Terrassa Group

According to the concept developed by the company, rooftop terraces with an abundance of greenery are planned for each of the new buildings. This technique has long been used in Europe and has now arrived in Georgia. The green architecture provides comfort to residents, creates additional recreation areas, and also makes the projects of Terrassa Group more attractive from an investment point of view. The green roofs can be seen in new buildings like Terrassa Gldani and Terrassa Vashlijvari.

Recent projects

The company's assets include projects that are different in cost, characteristics, and location. Along with the high-rises in the central part of Tbilisi, the company also develops units in a completely different format. One of these projects is the “European Region in Lisi”, which involves the construction of a neighborhood of 5-storey buildings with modern architecture which are integrated into the natural environment.

The cost per square meter of the projects developed by the Terasa Group depends on the location, the floor level, the type of repair, and the views from the windows. It is possible to make use of an interest-free installment plan but you can also opt for a mortgage. 

You can learn more about current projects, pricing, and availability on the official website or at the sales department. Here you can also obtain more information about the possibility of installment plans and mortgages.