1. Apex Development
Apex Development

Apex Development

Active since 2013
from ‍2 538 GEL / m2

Apex Development's building projects  3 objects on sale

Apex Dadiani
from ‍2 569 GEL / m2
Completed in 2021, 2 quarter
Tbilisi, 90 Tsotne Dadiani St.
Apex Avlabari
from ‍3 014 GEL / m2
Completion: 2022, 2 quarter
Tbilisi, 52 Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave.
Apex Lisi
from ‍2 538 GEL / m2
Completion: 2022, 4 quarter
Tbilisi, Nutsubidze-Vashlijvari road, (section 09/107)

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Sales are expected to start 1 object

Apex Nutsubidze
Tbilisi, Nutsubidze, III micro district, III block

Projects with sold apartments 6 objects

House on Dadiani 111
Completed in 2019, 2 quarter
Tbilisi, 111 Tsotne Dadiani St.
House on Dadiani 125
Completed in 2018, 4 quarter
Tbilisi, 125 Tsotne Dadiani St.
House on Berbuki 1
Tbilisi, 1 Berbuki St.
House on Metreveli 4, 6
Completed in 2018, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 4, 6 Metreveli St.
House on Tsagareli 72
Completed in 2016, 1 quarter
Tbilisi, 72 Archil Tsagareli St.
House on Mitskevichi 56
Completed in 2016, 3 quarter
Tbilisi, 56 Adam Mitskevichi St.

About the Developer

Real estate development company Apex Development was founded in 2013. The main priority of the company is the construction of real estate adapted to the needs of customers, offering comfortable conditions for modern residents of the capital. At the same time,  the new complexes have qualities such as accessibility, reliability, and innovation as the basis.

Type of Activities

Competent financial policies, combined with comprehensive market analysis and managerial potential, allowed the company to rapidly grow. The staff consists of about 150 specialists of various qualifications, each of whom is motivated to continually improve  the company’s performance. The availability of the necessary resources allows Apex Development to design, build, and manage buildings.

A permanent partner is the Austrian company DOKA. This is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-quality building materials and technologies, which allows Apex Development to work quickly and efficiently.

Company projects

The company has developed several new buildings that offer comfortable apartments in white frame condition as well as with a completed repair. The complexes are built according to monolithic-frame technology. They are distinguished by earthquake resistance, energy efficiency, and comfortable planning solutions.

The modern architecture of the buildings and the stylish decor of the facades make the company's new buildings recognizable and allow them to become a landmark of the city. In recent projects, the developer decided to make glass fencing of the balconies, which looks very stylish and gives the buildings a bright appearance.

You can find out how to buy an apartment and whether there are special offers, on the official website of the developer.

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